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As a Personal Brand photographer, I help new businesses reach out to their target audience.  We work together to build a portfolio of images of you and your business that will appeal to them.  

Here are 3 things to consider when you book your photo session.

1). Your client will want to know that you are the expert in your business and that you are talking to them personally.  We will provide images of you in your professional role showing your expertise.  They will want to know that you can identify with their pain points and show them how you can help them.  Visuals play a strong part so by having clear, strong images of you and your work they will buy into you. 

2) They will want to know where you are based so that they can work with you.  When you book your session with me, we choose the right location both indoors and outdoors.  We can work at your office, your home or we can choose a local workspace.  Your audience will want to know where you hang out as well so a local cafe is always popular. 

3) Your potential client will want to know more than just your work background.  They want a snippet of your personal background so that they can identify with you.  We can share your hobbies, like reading or walking with your dog.  People want to have that connection so we can create the  images of you sharing your personal interests such as reading, walking on the beach or in forest with your pets or your family. 

These are just a few examples of how we work together to help you find your target audience.  You will have a bank of images that is personal and bespoke. You can use these photos for your social media, your website and any other marketing material.  By investing in a Personal Brand Photographer, you will have saved time and money by having gorgeous images you can use over and over that your audience will like and get to know you.

If you know your target audience and want to show them who you are, book a free Brand Clarity call this month.  They are normally £75 but I have availability for 3 that is FREE this month only. Comment below if you are interested.

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