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As the nights draw in and leaves are turning into bright red, orange, yellow colours there is pictorial perfection everywhere you look.

So what to do when Autumn comes knocking on your door? 

Autumn Photo Session

This time of year is great fun for families such as visiting Pumpkin farms. You can see a sea of orange and they can be used for decorating, carving and making delicious meals from useful recipes.  

Pumpkin Farm, Cammas Hall, Essex

It’s time to put away your summer clothes and bring out your winter clothes and nothing feels more amazing than getting those big winter woolies out!  I love big jumpers, scarves and woolly hats! 

With so many amazing autumnal colours now it’s the perfect time to book a family shoot outdoors against the autumn background.  

During our Autumn months, I am offering family photoshoots both in the studio and on location.  Shooting at an outside location of your choice is an amazing experience. Simply by adding soft lights, having fun kicking the leaves and using spellbinding colour coordinations I will create memories for you and your family for years to come. 

autumn, family, outdoor location, kicking leaves, family fun
Family Photoshoot

To book your photo session with me simply click on the link below.

Tips For Autumn Photography

Continuing with our autumn ideas, if you are looking for some new pictures for your social media posts or for your own blogs here are a 5 tips if you are using your phone: 

Choose the time of day carefully.

The sun is weaker at this time of the year. As a result you get softer lights both early mornings and late afternoons. Therefore you don’t have the harsh shadows but a more softer glowing look.

Consider backlight shots. This will give a warm glow and bring out the textures in objects. 

Take close ups. Leaf details, raindrops, textures of vegetables make for perfect autumnal subjects. Look for the patterns. Concentrate on them and don’t forget to focus. Collect some leaves, conkers, vegetables and create a flat lay.  Flat lays are great with your phones.  Make sure you have plenty of natural light and a plain background and play around. 

Autumn Conkers

Have a different perspective. Lie on the ground and shoot upwards, or get low down and give a long street perspective. 

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If you prefer, we have some images you can use straight away for your social media and blog posts.

Send me a message and I will show you the gallery you can view. 

I can’t wait to see your images.