Amanda Hall Photography


When you book your personal brand shoot with me, this is what is included in your session.

Personal brand photography is more than just a headshot.  It is all about your business and your brand. Discussing this is how you and I will begin to build our relationship. When you book your session with me we start with a workbook and create mood boards. From here we make a list of what is needed in the shoot.  

Here are some ideas: 


Headshots will be the main point of your branding shoot. These are taken from the chest upwards and with a background of your choice. We can use a branding colour or maybe we can use an outdoor location. Headshots are great for use across your social media platforms, on email signatures and also for your About Me page on your website. Consistency with your branding images is key to being recognisable wherever potential clients see you.

Action shots

Seeing my clients in action is my favourite part of the session. They show what you do in your business. For example, if you are an accountant you will be using your calculator or if you are a life coach, you will be communicating with your audience. Honourable mentions are creatives like hat makers and florists, in action doing their day-to-day. All wonderful action shots that will add value and content to your social media platforms and on your website.

Behind the scenes

People will buy from people, so your audience will want to see the action behind what you do. This is a great way to show your working processes to your potential audience, which will instil trust.

A popular shot is people on the phone with clients, on their laptops or working on design ideas.  This will give you great content to use on your social media platforms and for your website.

Details & flat lays

Using props in your shoot is a great way to remove any awkwardness in front of the camera. Having something to hold onto makes for excellent use of your hands in the session. Props are also great for detailed shots which can be utilised as images for your service page on your website. They can also be perfect for social media content, and unique to you. You’ll no longer have to rely on stale stock images that everyone else uses because it’s your prop and your business.

Flat lays are a shot of items from directly above. They can give a bird’s eye view of an array of products you sell which can showcase them to perfection. These images are very popular on social media platforms. However, they can also serve serviced-based owners. The list of how these shots can be used is endless.

Using portrait and landscape orientation

We will discuss how and on which platforms your images will be shared for your marketing. For your website, you will want to create banners and hero images that will need a landscape orientation, but you can also have portrait images with the colour block in the banner. If you use the creative platform Canva you can visualise how these images will be best suited.

Negative space & spaces for text

I love doing these as it takes away the full headshot profile. The more relaxed you become we will be able to include some quirky shots, creating negative space in the image. This will allow you to include text overlays which will work in so many ways, allowing you to reuse the images with different text.

We can include you pointing your fingers or maybe holding a board where you can add your text if you want to promote your products or your service with a special offer etc.

The main thing is to enjoy the experience and from the moment you book with me, I will hold your hand and guide you with some creative ideas.

With all these wonderful images you will have plenty of content to use as much and as often as you like.  

My Focus Hub monthly subscription is ideal for people who lack confidence in front of the camera.  You are part of a small group with other like minded business owners. This will take away that awkwardness and enjoy the experience.  With a minimum attendance of 3 months you will build a bank of images that you can use as often as you want for your website, social media and email contents.  After each session you will receive 15 images and you will have built a great connection with other members.  I’m all about Contents, Confidence and Community.  If you would like to book a call and learn some more, click on the link here for your no-obligation 30-minute call where we can discuss your requirements.

Helping you Focus on your Business and your Brand.