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Having started your new business venture you will need to have eye catching brand photos for all your online and offline accounts.

Here are 5 trusted ways I believe that your personal brand images will help you get your ideal clients to get to know, like and trust you.  People buy from people first and you will want to get your audience to connect with you, turning them into paying customers.

What is Personal Brand Photography?

In short, it is about telling the story of who you are and what you do. Your brand images will talk to your ideal clients, telling them why you are different from your competitors and will explain what your brand is all about.  You will want to cut through the noise and stand out from the crowd so by having unique and bespoke images you will speak to your target audience. Your competitors will no doubt also have beautiful images but if they are standard stock images they will have been seen time and time again as others will also be using them so your bespoke images will stand out for you.

Here are 5 top ways your personal branding images can be use

On your website

Your website is the best place to showcase to potential clients who you are and what you do. Your website is your shop window, a peek into your business. You will want to dress that window so people will stop by and be wowed!!  Remember, people buy into people so making sure you use your personal branded image on your ‘About Me’ page will make visitors already feel like they know who they are going to be working with. Did you know that this is the most visited page on your website as your audience will really want to get to know you. They are already interested in your products or services. That’s why they are visiting your website. They want to find out more about the person behind the website. 


On your social media

You can use your bespoke branding images as profile pictures for your social media accounts. Throughout your social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube etc. using the same images will promote consistency wherever potential clients find you. Your bespoke images are fantastic for content use and you will have endless resources to fit in nicely with your brand.

lady with a purple jumper on a blue chair writing


As part of your Content Creation

Hopefully you will be creating content such as blogs, YouTube videos, online presentations and webinars. The list is endless and because you have a bank of amazing images at your fingertips and you can use them over and over again.

lady in her room with a blue dress and a camera


Within your emails

Personal images are becoming more and more commonplace within email signatures. Images can spark more recognition than just a name and adding your bespoke picture is a perfect way to add that personal touch and again reinforces who the recipient is communicating with. This could make it more likely for them to connect / reconnect with you.


Across your brand packaging

This is a great way to remind your clients how much of a business relationship you have built. You can use your images for thank you cards, brand packaging such as boxes, bags, letterheads and so many other products. Having something as personal as your image included in what you send your clients reflects the trust you have built with each other. 


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