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I hear this quite a lot and wanted to clear a few things with you regarding photography myths.

📷 Photography is so easy!
Trust me this is so not the case. I spent 3 years studying not only the mechanics of photography but the skillset to make amazing creative images. I still continue work on my skills and often find myself going to training sessions to keep up to date.

📷 Your Camera takes great Pictures.
Yes it does but it’s not what makes the pictures. The camera is the tool that is needed to create beautiful images. There is more to just taking a “snap” of the picture. We have understand the lighting control, the depths and style of the image and years and years of practise.

📷 Nikon is better than Canon!
It’s a personal choice and both these brands are fantastic at what they do. I have now moved on from a Nikon camera to a Sony because I wanted something lighter to hold. It all depends on what you want to do with the camera and what you want to achieve. Before you buy a camera, do some research and go and actually physically hold one and try it out at your local photography store. There are experts who will be able to give you more information and guidance.

📷 Photography is for the younger generation
No it is not. There is no age limit as to when you can be a photographer! Starting young is a great way to learn about this amazing skill. However I have met photographers who have started later in life and equally amazing at what they do. They have the creative knowledge and understanding to learn about it.

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📷 B&W is better than Colour
It depends what you want your picture to portray. I love working in colour for my personal brand shoots but I also love showing black & white images in timeless family sessions. Again it’s a personal choice. It’s all down to the lighting and knowing your style that makes your pictures really stand out!