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πŸ’› Know your ideal client and know your brand

Who are your clients, where do they hang out, shop, work or relax.  Who do you want to work with that you can help.  What does your business do to help your client buy into you? What is your brand and why would they buy from you?

What are your clients pain points and their desires? What do they want from you that you can do that stands out from your competitors? What is unique about you that will show in your personal brand shoot? We can work on your marketing funnel and see why your clients will use you.

Amanda Hall Photography - Personal Brand Photography
Personal Brand Photography

πŸ’› Check your style, find your brand colours.  

Do you have a particular style and what are your colours.  I can recommend some brand stylists to help you with your branding and your colours. I have a directory of amazing businesses that can help you make your business stand out from the crowd.

For instance my brand colours are based loosely on the RGB colours in photography. I wanted strong colours but represent photography. Why do you choose the colours for your business? Is it representative and reflect your business? Consider what you will wear for your session. Can it match your colour brand? What about in your workplace do you have your brand and colour style to match?

Amanda Hall Photography - Brand Photography
brand photography

πŸ’› Find your words to describe you and your business

Think of five words that describes you.  When you receive your workbook from me you will be asked to list these so that we can work on what best describes you.  There is a list in the workbook to help you choose but it helps to find your own. 

Think of some focus keywords and power words that you use in your business. If you have more than 5 then choose more and then we can pick the words that really stand out for you.

Amanda Hall Photography - Personal Brand Photography
Personal Brand

πŸ’› Choose your location carefully. Where do you hang out and where do you work?

Do you work from home or your office? Do you have a studio where your clients visit you? What about when you are not at work?  What is your favourite place to hang out?  Coffee shops or walks in the forest or beach? When you book with me we discuss locations and in some of the packages we offer two locations but with 6 hour and 12 months packages we can provide more places to work.

We can add more people in your session that will make it more authentic. A client who is happy to model in your shoot is good example or gather your friends and family to join you.

Amanda Hall Photography - Personal Brand Photography
Personal Brand

πŸ’› Keep the line of communication open with your photographer. He or she can help you if you are stuck with ideas.

If you struggle to come up with ideas, I am always here to help and guide you for support.  You will have access to my private group chat and we can discuss your pain points and what the alternatives are.  Nothing will be too much trouble.  A good relationship with your photographer helps to build a trustworthy, relaxed and reliable session.

Virtual Brand session

Hope these tips help you to decide that Personal Brand photography will help you build your business, keep you visible on all your marketing such as your social media platforms, your websites and any printed materials. F

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